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Rhythmers Music Productions was formed in the year 2014, just as a Facebook page by Sabyasachi Chakraborty with an idea of posting some simple casual instrumental covers or simply some cover songs, In simple words the motto was and is to heal & help people and calm their minds with some good & soothing remarkable music.

As time passed with lots of knowledge gaining activity and getting in touch with many new people, we have come a long way from just being a simple Facebook page to full-fledged Music and Media Production Company & Record Label.

Presently, we are based in Kolkata, with a team of 3 members i.e. Shobhit Sinha as music producers & sound engineers, Shubham Sinha as business & marketing head and Sabyasachi Chakraborty as CEO, Music Producer, Sound Engineer & Video Editor.

We work on various kinds of projects ranging from music productions, music videos & albums, background scores, recordings, mixing & mastering etc.

We hope that you all will stay with us in our journey as we all need to go a long way together.

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Recording Studio

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Become the Best Music of yourself.

Rhythmers Music Productions is a full-fledged media production house, which is operated by a team of very talented and creative minds who have expertise in the field of audio, video, graphics, marketing etc.

Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.

Our Recording Studio has a fully equipped setup which is capable of recording vocals & instruments, producing music, mixing & mastering, video & graphical production and editing. Our dedicated team with their specific skills pertaining to their fields of expertise always strives hard to keep our customers satisfied and our setup is well equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We have top-notch trained musicians, singers, engineers and many more experts from the creative field at our fingertips, so if your production is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize it to the fullest.

Founder/C.E.O/Video Editor
Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Co-Founder/M.D/Music Producer
Shobhit Sinha

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At Rhythmers, we take extensive care to give 

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